From the Birthing Tub To The Operating Table

This is the tale of how I started labor in a birthing tub and ended on an operating table.

Part 1: We’re Pregnant!

I actually started my pregnancy under the care of an OBGYN. Why? Because I didn’t know any better. If my husband and I really thought about a birthing plan before getting pregnant we more than likely would have started at the birthing center. Anyway fast forward to our 32 week check-up. Up until 32 weeks we had no issues then it seemed as though they hit us with EVERYTHING. Besides some health issues they tried to sell me (I’ll get into that in another blog post) one nurse basically called me fat (I hadn’t gained much weight until that 8th month) and another told me a decision we’d made got the doctor very upset. They basically sent me home crying and Josh and I knew we had to do something to take back control of the rest of our pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Part 2: The Birthing Center

I was blessed enough to find a natural birthing center 15 minutes away from where we lived so I set up a meet and greet with the owners. Everything seemed so in line with the natural pregnancy, labor and delivery we dreamt of. Josh and I quickly transferred care from the OBGYN to the two midwives of the birthing center. They immediately started me on natural remedies to raise my iron deficiency and a natural prenatal vitamin that I could actually keep down. They were gentle with me and they offered childbirth classes that were really helpful. Where I think they went wrong is by not informing me that I may not have been the best candidate for a natural birth. Find out how I feel about the birthing center.

Part 3: Labor

Our baby was in a posterior position, meaning she was head down, face up. We were assured by our midwives that she would roll over and we’re prescribed some exercises (that didn’t work) to do leading up to labor and delivery. After one false alarm about a week earlier, I began active labor at 40 weeks and one day. Josh and I arrived at the birthing center around 11pm. I was 4cm dilated, baby’s head was +1 and having painful contractions so I got directly into the birthing tub. Fast forward to 5pm the next day. After 18 hours of natural labor – I stopped progressing at 7cm dilated and my water was already broken so I was taken to the nearest hospital. See what 19 hours of natural labor felt like for me.

Part 4: Delivery

By the time I was being wheeled into the emergency room I felt completely defeated. Pregnancy didn’t go as planned, labor didn’t go as planned and now neither would delivery. At the forefront of my mind however, the safety of my daughter and PAIN MEDS!!!

What was the point in breathing through contractions and practicing hypno-birthing techniques if I was about to be cut open anyway? I was admitted to the hospital and after about an hour (they needed to run blood tests) of me screaming and cursing the staff I was rolled into the operating room. I got a magnificent prick in my spine, prepped, hubby was escorted in and we heard our little Lavender’s cry at 7:17pm.



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