New Organic Market

DSCN0671We are so happy! An organic market opened a new location near us a few weeks ago! Josh and I went shopping there on Friday and we are in love. We’d been trying to eat as clean as possible which has presented difficulties as seemingly every product in chain supermarkets is genetically modified.  We certainly won’t have any more issues eating clean now that Fourth Generation Organic Market has a West Boca location!

First the place is beautiful, everything we tasted from the cafe was delicious and the produce is heavenly. It’s new so of course the store was clean & bright and all the sales associates we met had a smiling face and were able to answer all our questions. While shopping we took a “pregnant pause” to eat because, well, I’m pregnant lol. Josh had a wild caught tuna sandwich while I had its vegan counterpart, a raw mock tuna sandwhich. We both enjoyed them very much! Mine was delicious and tofu free. Our enjoyment & delight continued through the weekend. We bought the most delicious blueberries & raspberries we ever tasted in our lives and we enjoyed some sweet treats (vegan mint chocolate cookies, vegan chocolate peanut butter bombs and a vegan chocolate peanut butter bar.

Besides the products and experience being totally boss we both noticed how open our minds were and how great we felt in our bodies. Needless to say Publix & Walmart have lost us grocery customers. We’re so grateful for the new market, for the farmers & bakers and our true clean-eating journey ahead.


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