Nursery Décor

IMG_2358We are in the early phases of decorating our nurffice (nursery/office). By early phases I mean, we haven’t done much at all except choose a theme. We’ve decided on “Whimsical Secret Garden” which is exactly what you might think it is, a fairy tale set in bloomed flowers. For our first installment we decided to spell out our baby girl’s name in flowers. Have you seen the photo? We are still swooning.

So how did we come up with a Whimsical Secret Garden theme? We love unicorns and our daughter’s name is Lavender Rose. Unicorn = whimsical, Lavender Rose = bloomed flowers. We keep it simple around here lol. In fact, Josh bought me a stuffed unicorn for one of our moniversaries (our monthly celebration of being reunited). When I first laid eyes on it I just knew it was the first gift he’d gotten our daughter – NO I was not pregnant when I had this premonition. When we did learn we were pregnant and later when we learned the sex we thought we might do a unicorn theme. Like any other overly-excited, first-time mother might do, I created a Pinterest board and went to town pinning every unicorn inspired decoration I could find. In that process I came across other nursery décor related pins and saw initials embellished with flowers. Needless to say I LOVED them, then I saw the price tags and decided we could make it ourselves.

And make it ourselves we did! Last night, accompanied with one of my dearest friends Dremmler in town from New York, we had an arts and crafts shindig that ran until 4am! Yes, I feel like a zombie. I had the idea in my mind from the aforementioned Pinterest posts and on Saturday Josh and I bought the materials from Michael’s. Dre and I placed the blossoms on the letters and Josh glued them down until he tapped out at 3am. He’s so sweet, wakes up around 6ish for work and really wanted to be present for creative process. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the both of them. If I were working on it alone I’m sure at some point frustration would have raised along with several finger blisters from burning myself with the glue gun. Also when we tell Lavy about her beautiful artwork we get the privilege of telling her she was with us and Uncle Dre had a big hand in the process as well.

Here are some photos of the fun we had during production. In the near future we intend to mount her name on the wall once we’ve got the furniture and additional décor in place. If last night was any precursor of how the rest of designing this nurffice will be I truly look forward to much more fun and beauty. Be blessed and Happy Monday!


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