The iPad decided we were done with our video, nevertheless WELCOME! We are so excited to be sharing our journey with you. As we mentioned in the video we are Josh and Alicia. A little history: we were born under the same moon (Aries 1986), met when we were 15 years old, dated multiple times throughout our very different lives, reconnected in May 2015 and time stopped. Maybe it’s better to say timing made sense. We were both finally in a space to be honest, loving and respectful to each other. We married one year to the day in May 2016. As you can imagine 2016 is a big year for us and for more reasons than just getting married. We also started our company (shout out to the entrepreneurs!!), I (Alicia) left a well-paying corporate job (more on that in a blog to follow) and last but certainly not least WE’RE PREGNANT!

In addition to all those big things we’ll share our experiences being an interracial, interfaith couple on a mission to spread love and live naturally/organically in 2016. Thanks for reading we’ll talk to you soon!


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